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POP D Glass Trippy Flippy Floating Recycler Vapor Rig

Designer: Max Quality Glass

$350.00 $675.00

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  • Fully worked Multi-Color Encalmo Borosilicate Glass Vessel
  • Thickened Condensed Body
  • Reinforced Stemless Design
  • 4 Hole Percolator for Dragless Diffusion
  • Single Uptake to Rear Drain for Recycling function and handle grip
  • Pure Pink Cheese & Emerald Green Colored Body
  • Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple & Green Cadmium Trippy Flippy Cut & Flipped Glass Side Grip
  • Black, Red, Orange, White, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise & Green Cadmium Cut & Flip 3rd Eye Trippy Flippy on the Front of the Mouthpiece
  • White, Black, Purple, Sparky, Yellow, Orange, Red, Heavy Blue Leprechaun, Green & Blue Cadmium Tripacello on the Base
  • Full Color Joint Size: 10mm Female
  • Height: 9." inches
  • Length: 45" inches
  • Width: 3" inches
  • Base Diameter: 2.3" inches
  • Banger Sold Separately
  • Handmade in Colorado by artist Pop D Glass

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